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[GTADrifting.NET] Real Time Attack List

Just for fun, the only ones I know for sure:

2:56 [TRS]Jimmy + [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill

2:22 Unit[VS] + [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill

1:20.2 [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill  
1:20.9 [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill (no grass cut)

2:13.65 [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill

Shomaru Pass
1:54 [TDSD]Excel240k | Downhill
2:00 GodLike | Downhill
2:02 [TC]Alex | Uphill

Swiss Stroll:
1:07.35 [TDSD]Excel240k | Lap 1/1
1:08.31 [JTX]Unique | Lap 1/1

Big Ear:
1:51 [TDSD]Excel240k

Many time attacks in the original topic are bogus, and I know this as I was there for each false time, or it is simply impossible.

The original topic gives the fastest time to [TRS]Jimmy, with a 2:55. The problem with this, is at the time this was done, it was done with a server based timer, which were inaccurate in the older versions of SAMP. He believed this to be the accurate time, and recorded a video which was manipulated to fit with the time given in-game.

The topic gives Unit[VS] the quickest time, with 2:21. This time, it was done during a late night time attack session between me and Unit, where he called out the time, despite not having even completed the run. This was observed using CamHack, where I had followed him as he made the run, originally planing to record runs from both of us, which resulting in me watching him spin out and fake the time.

Big Ear:
Probably the worst of all, the topic gave the fastest BigEar times to several different people, with times as low as 1:45. Do I really need to explain this one? 1:51 is the absolute fastest time possible on BigEar with a legitimate, unmodified Elegy, as tried and tested through thousands of players and a decade of time attack.

*falls back in time 5 years and feels like ranting about everything again*


OrcinasAdamantos said...

4:55 akina uphill.

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